Web Browsing Privacy – What it means for you.

So there you are, sitting on your more than comfortable chair with your high powered laptop that zips through anything you throw at it. You are always on Facebook and checking your emails just to make sure there are no important notifications that you’ve missed. You also like to occasionally browse around the internet looking … Continue reading Web Browsing Privacy – What it means for you.

What is a digital footprint exactly?

Digital footprints today are the modern version of everyone's resume. They show people who you are just by the things you like, the stuff you post, and everything in-between. The bad part is that your "online resume" is always available to look at by everyone. Whether its perfect or not so perfect and its always … Continue reading What is a digital footprint exactly?

Samsung S6 – Unessesary Change? 

Its weird these days how most companies feed off of other companies failures. Apple, Samsung, HTC, and many other companies have tried to be sticklers or have tried something completely different. But like most things venturing out in to the unknown, can sometimes provide you with answers as to why you should have started with … Continue reading Samsung S6 – Unessesary Change?