The Breaking Point

Let me first start off by saying that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great smartphone. It feels really good when your holding it in your hand, the 5.1 inch screen is just the right size for a smartphone, and the customizability of the android experience is pretty cool. It would be very hard to get tired of this phone with so many ways to change things. The integration with Google and all of its services, can be scary sometimes but I still “trust” Google enough to have a gmail account, which Samsung requires you to have to use their smartphone. The information you give to Google is used to make yours and everyone else’s experience better and it shows. When you can say things like: “ok Google, call “person one” on speaker” and Google voice actually initiates a call with the speaker on, you see that Google and all its services are bound pretty deeply into the android OS. This makes using the Galaxy S7 arguably more helpful in a lot of ways. But there are also a few ways in which I am still unimpressed the Samsung Galaxy S7’s experience.

With the time that I’ve spent using the Galaxy S7 I’ve noticed stuttering, not so much in the operating system itself but in the apps. This is just an annoyance of using Android where its harder to make the apps play really well with the operating system. The second big deal, is the fact that with my old iPhone, I could go to bed with 100% battery and wake up with 95% or more battery still there. With an my Galaxy S7 thats not the case. I probably lose 15% battery or more from just letting it sit over night without charging it. This is a issue that is related to the Apps and the operating system not being made to work together properly.

Over the past two months that I’ve been using it, I’ve begun to notice other things that reduce my enthusiasm. For instance, the camera can record videos just fine, but does not have OIS as a part of the phone. This is something that I dearly miss. I also have noticed that after recording a video it takes an inexcusable amount of time to process the video and to get me back to actually using the camera. 

These reasons are the only things I could think of that I didn’t like about the Galaxy S7. like I said earlier, this phone is quite impressive but until these “annoyances” are fixed it will be hard to say that this phone was worth it.



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