Web Browsing Privacy – What it means for you.

So there you are, sitting on your more than comfortable chair with your high powered laptop that zips through anything you throw at it. You are always on Facebook and checking your emails just to make sure there are no important notifications that you’ve missed. You also like to occasionally browse around the internet looking for websites that might peak your interest in one of your hobbies, so you start to browse and then in a few short minutes you come to a screeching halted when these boxes pop up in front of your screen. From the looks of it, they are trying to sell you something, something that you hazily remember searching for months ago, You decided that it’s not important at the moment and close it so that you can get back to what you were originally doing. It seems like the more you browse the more this happens and before you know it, its not only happening when you first access the specific website but also every so often while you are using that website. You start to get annoyed and finally decided its time to do something about it. After (ironically) searching the internet for solutions, you come upon a nifty little piece of software that says it can help keep those ads at bay. You decide to install it and see if it helps any, hoping that this is the last time you have to mess with those pesky ads. A few days later you are browsing a few of your favorite websites and you hardly notice the ads that are NOT appearing. Meanwhile, on a completely different building in a completely different state, the website company is noticing that they aren’t getting paid.

This sort of scenario happens daily, to many companies that post MANY articles on their websites. On the one side (consumers) hate having things that keep them from viewing the content, or have issues with what these websites are doing with the data they receive. While the other side (companies) say that the only way for them to make money is by having these ads on their websites. They also threaten that if their ads are blocked then they will make people pay on a subscription base rather than have ads on their website.

I think that tracking the data from a user when he or she visits a website can help with a lot of things and we see it being done already with Google searches and other websites like Facebook. Facebook Data Usage“Facebook announced the redesign on Data Privacy Day, with the company saying in its blog post that it is “working to raise awareness of how to take charge of your information online.” – by 


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