Samsung S6 – Unessesary Change? 

Its weird these days how most companies feed off of other companies failures. Apple, Samsung, HTC, and many other companies have tried to be sticklers or have tried something completely different. But like most things venturing out in to the unknown, can sometimes provide you with answers as to why you should have started with it. Enter the Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung has tried ever so hard to bring its loyal customers what they wanted, and for awhile it was working. They knew that having an accessible plastic back was better for extra storage, a replaceable battery better for extra battery life, and more recently water resistance was better durability. But when 2014 came around and Samsung came out with yet another plastic backed phone, people were getting tired of it. Especially since HTC, Apple, and other companies were making just as good phone which was incased with metal. Samsung has a marvelous job at the our design of the Galaxy S6. By all accounts, people seem to love the look and feel of the all glass phone. But one thing that really sticks out is how slippery it can be. Don’t even get me started about finger prints. Look at the internals of the phone (not literally thought, due to the all glass back) We see that Samsung has turned away from the Snapdragon chip and instead turned to their own Exynos 7420 chipset which has scored a much better benchmark than even the HTC M9 which runs the latest Snapdragon 810. The chip in the Galaxy S6 is a Octa-core chip split into two. One is a Quad-core 1.5GHz Cortex A53 and the other is a Quad-core 2.1GHz Cortex A57 with a Mali-T760MP8 GPU. There are options for a 32, 64, or even 128GB storage option. With all Galaxy S6s they come with 3GB or RAM. They also come with a back facing camera which has 16MP OIS, Autofocusing with an LED Flash. The front facing camera is a 5MP camera which can dual video call. The Galaxy S6 is full of specs and features such as a newly designed fingerprint sensor, and a much improved design. one of the most notable things is how well samsung was able to pull of the design of the phone. It has taken some design ideas from other companies, but for once, it is actually worth looking into (at the very least). The only remaining question is, will it be enough to stay off Apple next iPhone? I guess time will only tell!


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