Project Ara – A Modular Smartphone

Technology is always changing, always transforming in ways that we sometimes don’t quite understand at the time. Sometimes these changes that take effect are good, sometimes they are bad, but nonetheless, it is change. Whether for the good or the bad, we as human beings are always on the look out for things that impress, for things that capture the imagination. Why then do we sometimes find our selves amazed at the smallest of things? Well, I have found that most of the time its about fixing the small problems before looking at the bigger ones. Which is why Project Ara is so amazing! Smartphones have a big problem in today’s world. They break, and it’s not that they just break, cause like everything else nothing lasts forever, but Smartphones in general always seem like they are so fragile. Which is probably another reason you usually see people with thick cases on their phones. Don’t get me wrong, I get that it’s an expensive device, but I also think one of the reasons smartphones are awesome is because how much power they have in such a small and thin form factor. When you put a case on it, it ruins part of the experience. Don’t even get me start on replacing broken components of a smartphone or tablet, cause I know its gets expensive. So when Project Ara, came along with the idea to make each individual component separate everyone got excited. The idea is that each component connects to a “mothership” which powers each component and if one piece breaks all your have to do is swap it out. No buying a whole new device, no sending the device in to get fixed. People today want a device that fits them. They don’t want to have to pick and choose what device based on which one comes the closest to what they actually want. Project Ara is still in a beta phase meaning it’s not an actual phone that is out in the market place. Google, who is working on this idea, has been making head way with it but have not actually start to market it yet. Heck! They have so many projects going on at once its hard to keep track of them all.


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