iPhone 5s – A iPhone to be reckoned with. 

The iPhone 5s is and always be seen as a mile marker for Apple. It is so small yet so capable, and by a big margin the best smartphone on the market in its day. Its was to the competitions surprise when the phone actual out preform every other phone on the market at the time. Smartphones like the, Samsung’s Galaxy S4, and Note 3. LG’s G2, Nokia’s 1020, and Google’s Nexus 5. All these touting a lightning fast performance. While these devices all have quad cores, and 2-3Ghz of processor speed the iPhone had 1.3Ghz processor with a dual core. Yet in specific testing the iPhone trumped all others, mainly due to the 64-bit processor and 64-bit OS. Check these links for more about the 5s: (link, link, link, link). Even the camera has been greatly improved. Please know that when I say improved, it means that I know most of the cameras before them were hardly cameras. Better low light, and improved flash all make for a better pictures. The Verge posted an article about the 5s and said this about the camera: “The Lumia 1020 may offer you 41 megapixels and endless flexibility, but for virtually every practical point-and-shoot purpose the 8-megapixel iPhone 5 was the best smartphone camera on the market — and the 5S is even better. Apple didn’t sacrifice sharpness for low-light capability, like the HTC One and its Ultrapixel camera, and it hasn’t traded quality for simplicity, like the Moto X. Apple just took a great camera and improved both the hardware and software. The sensor is still 8 megapixels, but it’s slightly larger in size, which means each individual pixel is slightly bigger and collects more light. That means better low-light performance and crisper shots all around, and it delivers. The iPhone 5S takes excellent pictures, better even than the iPhone 5. Things are a little sharper and more detailed even in good lighting, but the real difference comes at night. The 5S is noticeably better in low-light conditions — where the 5 used to capture only silhouettes and often just black, the 5S can get usable pictures.” There is also a new way to unlock your phone with the 5s. Its called TouchID and its works like a charm. “Setting up Touch ID takes a couple of minutes, during which you place your finger on the device every which way so it can learn the ins and outs of your print so it can learn who you are. Once it gets all the data it needs, Touch ID uses your fingerprint — you can teach it as many as five, and I recommend doing at least both thumbs — to let you unlock your phone without a passcode and buy things in Apple’s stores without a password.” It’s a great quick way to unlock your phone without the time consuming way of unlocking your phone via the four digit passcode (sarcasm). When its all said and done, the iPhone 5s is a great phone. It’s an update for everyone, who doesn’t have one. You might say that the iPhone 5s is a future thinking phone. You’d be right, the processor, the camera and the Touch ID are things that will go far.


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