Cheerson CX-10 – Worlds first smallest Quadrocopter

The Cheerson CX-10, is currently the world’s smallest Quad-Copter/drone and it’s amazing! For under $30 you can buy a Quad-Copter which has an impressive flight time of 5-7 mins depending on how much throttle you give it. It also is determined by whether you use it outside or inside. The Cheerson CX-10 is small but you really don’t realize how small it is until you actually see one up close. It flies with no problems unless of course its windy, though there is some setup that is necessary before actual flying is done. For being this small, the Cheerson CX-10 is quite the kicker! It has a small battery which only lasts about 5-7 minutes of flight, but it also only takes 5-7 minutes of charging to have it fully charged and ready to go. This Quad-Copter is easily order able off of amazon or eBay, and it’s usually doesn’t take very long. I can easily see kids playing with these having battles with friends, even older people will want to try them out. And better yet, its as durable as it looks! The only thing I would recommend is keeping it away from hair or string, unless of course, you would like to be pulling strands of hair out of the rotors.


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