Misfit Flash SmartWatch

The Misfit Flash is one of those smaller known fitness tracking plus watch feature device. It seems to me like many smaller companies just want to focus on the fitness side of the watch, just so they can push a product out and earn money. Well, its no different with this version of the Misfit “smartwatch”. There is actually two versions of the Misfit smartwatch that they have released. The first and the one i will be talking about it the MisFit Flash, geared for less enthusiastic fitness person. The second option is called the MisFit Shine this option being the more expensive one. The Misfit Flash, is a cheaper, less thought about device probably intended for people who just need something to keep track of their sleep, and exercise goals. While nothing is wrong with this, there are a few things i’d like to point out. First, is that the material used was less than desirable, especially the circle that holds the actual machine doing everything. Its doesn’t hold the actual device in place which doesn’t make me feel confident that it will stay in place. Surely they could have made the latch system a little better, especially with it being a fitness device. I think that this could have been done better even for a lower price range, just by making the way that the circle device attaches to the band. I wouldn’t recommend this band for the sole reason that it’s not as secure when attaching it to the fitness band. I guess the lesson here is that when you’re looking at fitness bands, it’s not always better to buy something cheaper than the rest. Sometimes there is a good reason for a device being expensive.


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