Day #1 – New Blog!

Hello! This will probably be very short but I am really excited to start posting reviews & my personal thoughts about the amazing technology around us. I will try to be consistent with post or at the very least try to cover most of the popular stuff, but I can’t make any promises that I don’t plan to keep. Feel free to leave a comment (which invite discussion) on any of my posts. Here is my first question to help discussion along.. for all of my 1 views.

We are starting to get our news anywhere other than a newspaper. As newspapers are slowly shrinking back into shadow, the more mainstream media outlets are becoming our daily news. There are many media outlets like, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Snapchat that by some means, allow the user to read news articles. We also have many modern day news producing companies, such as, Buzzfeed, Reddit, & Flipboard. How do these means of reading news differ from the newspaper companies like, New York Times, or Wall Street Journal? Are Facebook and Twitter becoming like RSS readers now? Some people might call them the modern Coffee shop. Do you agree?


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